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Welcome to the home of id Backscenes

We produce a range of photographic backscenes for modellers branded as id Backscenes and available from many local model shops, online shops, Ebay and Amazon. New backscenes are planned and will be added as they become available.

Most of the backscenes are available in N gauge for the smaller model and O gauge for the larger layout. They can also be printed to special sizes and mirror imaged to extend the run.

All of the backscenes are printed in high quality using UV fade resistant inks for long life.

Standard Range Backscenes are printed on heavyweight 180 gsm high quality paper. Care needs to be taken when fitting these as the paper can swell if it becomes wet - leave to dry and it shrinks back.

Premium Range Backscenes are printed on tough Polypropylene that is waterproof and scratch and tear resistant. These are ideal for use in damp conditions. They are self-adhesive but can be used without removing the backing film and applied using a non-aqueous glue. To apply using the self-adhesive layer, remove the backing film. Please note that the glue on these does not like MDF nor Chipboard and these boards should be sealed with paint or varnish before mounting the backscene.

Custom Backscenes We can turn your own photographs into backscenes but we are not able to carry out photographic assignments to gather specific images. Please feel free to call us if you have a specific project in mind or if you have any suggestions for new backscenes.

In addition we have developed a series of self-adhesive building material papers to allow you to quickly and easily create realistic buildings without the mess of using glue. These are packed 10 sheets to an outer and available now.

Low Relief Buildings available. The range includes three Brick and three Stone terraced houses with a choice of Grey Slate or Red tile roofs. Each pack contains four sheets of buildings plus one of Shop Fronts.

All of the Building Materials are now produced on the tough and waterproof Self-adhesive Poly.

Retailers - please call us for your special pricing.


We are pleased to announce that we have an Industrial Scene Series 239. Click Here to view this 6 metre scene.

Fitting - please see our FAQ pages which provide a guide on producing your own photographs and how to mount your backscene.

Mounting Your Backscene

The very best material is thin vinyl foam board (Foamex) which is availabe cut to size from:


RECENT ADDITIONS We have added two backscenes for US modellers and produced a number of the more popular backscenes to 24 inches tall in both Standard and Premium Range.

Product Size All prints are produced on 60 inch wide rolls of media but the prints have a small white border making the actual backscenes slightly under 60 inches. To avoid confusion we are amending the published backscene size to 150cm

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